Laproscopic Gall Bladder Surgery


Gall Bladder removal is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in India. Earlier open surgery was performed for removal but now the preferred method is Laproscopic removal called Laproscopic Cholecystectomy.Laproscopic Gall Bladder Surgery has  been  done  at  our  centre  since  1998.

Ques: When do I need a Gall Bladder removal surgery?

Ans: Multiple small stones or single symptomatic stone in the gall bladder are the commonest indications. Gall stones do not go away on their own. Some           can be managed temporarily with dietary adjustments such as reducing fat intake and drugs. However these treatments have a low ,short term success rate and symptoms will continue or worsen unless the gall bladder is removed. Also multiple calculi should be operated on without delay, as if a stone slips into the Common Bile Duct a more extensive surgery is required which has more morbidity and complications. 

Ques: What are the advantages of performing the procedure Laproscopically over open surgery ?

Ans: 1) Rather than a single large incision , laproscopic surgery reqires three small incisions which give a better cosmetic look.

       2) Patients usually have minimal post operative pain with laproscopic surgery.

       3) Recovery is faster than with open surgery.

       4) Reduced hospital stay as compared to open surgery.

Ques: Are you a fit candidate for Laproscopic Cholecystectomy ?

Ans: Although there are many advantages to the laproscopic surgery , the procedure is contraindicated in patients who have had a previous upper abdominal surgery or who have some pre existing medical conditions.  A thorough evaluation by your Doctor  and investigations  can determine if the Laproscopic procedure is appropriate for you.  

Ques: What are the pre-operative preparations?

Ans: The patient is asked to come on the day of surgery generally fasting for at least 6 hours.  Local area hair removal is done and I/V fluids and antibiotics are given. All jewellery is removed and  a hospital gown is given to patient.

Ques: How is Laproscopic Cholecystectomy performed?

Ans:  1) The patient is given General anesthesia by a team of anesthetics so that the patient is unconscious throughout the procedure

        2) The laproscope and working instruments are introduced in to the abdomen via three small incisions in the upper abdomen

        3) The Laproscope ( telescope) is connected to a special camera giving the surgeon a magnified view of the patients internal organs on a screen.

        4) After the removal of  Gall Bladder the small incisions are closed with staples which heal better and gives a scar which is less visible. 

Ques: What happens if the operation cannot be performed or completed by the Laproscopic method?

Ans: In a small number of patients the Laproscopic method cannot be performed due to inability to visualize the organs because of adhesions or bleeding problems .The decision to convert the Laproscopic surgery into open surgery is a judgement decision made by your surgeon during the surgery.It is not a complication but rather a sound surgical judgement. This decision is strictly based on patient safety.

Ques: What should you expect after surgery ?

Ans : 1) Gall Bladder removal is a major abdominal surgery and a certain amount of post operative pain occurs. Nausea and vomitting are not

             uncommon. However these are easily managed by injections to give a comfortable post operative course.

         2) Oral liquids are allowed after a few hours and patient is allowed to walk to the toilet. Actvity is dependant on how the patient feels,but walking is  

             encouraged the sameday. Semi solid food is allowed if patient starts tolerating liquids well.

         3) Generally patient is discharged after 24 hours and is allowed to eat normal food, climb stairs and do light activity.

         4) The staples are removed after 7-10 days depending on the discretion of doctor. Depending on nature of job , most patients resume work after

             7-10 days of the surgery. Jobs which involve manual labor will take more time.

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