flexible full length Colonoscopy and flexible fibreoptic sigmoidoscopy


We introduced flexible full length Colonoscopy and flexible fibreoptic sigmoidoscopy in 1994. We were already well recognized for our expertise in UGIE in the region. Addition of Colonoscopy added a new dimension to the facilities provided by us. We now perform full length colonoscopies without any concious sedation in more than 90 % of our patients despite availability of facilities for general anesthesia also in the endoscopy suite. This has been possible only after experience of more than 10000 colonoscopies , lot of patience and no desire to set a speed record in insertion to cecum time. We take a leisurely 10-15 minutes to do our procedures with continuous discussion and communication with our concious patient. This we feel prevents any risk of serious complications of colonoscopy like perforation or splenic laceration that we read about in journals and sometimes hear about in other centres. Constant discussion with concious patient relaxes him, change of position and withdrawl of scope when patient complains of pain straightens any loops which inevitably form and makes the procedure completion easier for both patient and doctor. We routinely perform polypectomies even in children less than 2 yrs under anaesthesia. ........