E.R.C.P.What is E.R.C.P. :
The full name of the procedure is Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography. A combination of endoscopy and radiology (image intensifier) is used to examine areas not approachable with the endoscopes.

How is it done :
From the patients point of view it involves insertion of a slightly thicker endoscope through the mouth, though technically from the endoscopists' point of view it is far more complicated than UGI endoscopy.

Why is it done :

It is done to examine the biliary and pancreatic ductal systems. Most common indication for ERCP is obstructive jaundice. Usually done with full consent for therapeutics also as any stones / obstruction found has to be tackled immediately.

Is it painful :
Discomfort of ERCP for the patient is definitely more than that of UGI Endoscopy though all patients for ERCP in ourcenter are given good sedation and analgesia.

What is the cost :
Pure diagnostic Side viewing endoscopy with biopsy is Rs. 3700 /-, But therapeutics including spinchterotomy, nasobiliary drainage, stone extraction etc. are usually performed in nearly all patients and total cost of Therapeutic ERCP including cost of dye / plastic stents / other disposables, work out in the region of Rs. 15000 / - and Mechanical lithotripsy is Rs 35000/- at our center.

What are the complications :

Many complications are reported with ERCP but the common are; Acute pancreattitis, Bleeding and perforation. We have faced all these complications and with our major operation theatre and inpatient backup we ahve been able to manage all our patients. Occasionally however patients need to be referred to higher centres for procedures / facilities not being provided by us. we are lucky to have premier institute like PGIMER in our vicinity with capable and highly cooperative consultants.